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The Record Book is here

The Record Book is here

Order online on and Amazon

Published 25.12.2015 16:35 GMT+2 | Author Martin Merk
The Record Book is here
Order the IIHF Guide & Record Book 2016 on or Amazon.
The new 642-page heavy IIHF Guide & Record Book is here with a lot of updated, historical material from a century of international hockey.

A must for fans of the game, the new 2016 IIHF Guide & Record Book is now available for hockey fans around the world as hardcopy or soon also as a digital edition on a USB stick - inexpensive and easy to ship.

For fans around the world anticipating the upcoming World Championship events it has never been easier since the book is available in Europe and North America through (click and scroll down to the forms) and on various Amazon market places.

On Amazon the hardcopy is available for ordering online in various countries as of mid-December. International customers can order on the 2016 edition on (USA and worldwide), on for Canada, and for Europe on, and

The 2016 edition of the IIHF Guide & Record Book includes every tournament participation for every country and every year, right from the most important Olympics down to Division III, IV, and V of any category with all current or former countries from Andorra to Yugoslavia.

Active and Retired Players sections for men and women include every player to appear in even a single game of the top level since international hockey first took hold in 1920. As well, the huge and revealing head-to-head results section has been updated, as has been every other section in the book, which now runs to 642 pages. In all, almost 14,000 players are included, as well as every coach, every referee, and every linesman.

The book includes records for all levels of top competition, notably the Olympics (men and women), the World Championships (men and women), the World U20 Championship, and the World U18 Championships (men and women). As well, all information for the Summit Series (1972), Canada Cup (1976-91), and World Cup of Hockey (1996-2004) is included.

None of this information is available anywhere else, and fans can get the official version right here, right now! The IIHF has been the governing body for international hockey since its founding in 1908.



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