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Partner news

Partner news

First national partnerships signed

Published 25.12.2014 19:22 GMT+2 | Author Organizing Committee
The city of Helsinki was chosen to host the 2016 World Juniors already last spring. Now also the first national partnership deals have been signed.

Scandic Hotels will accommodate all the official participants during the tournament period.

“The Organizing Committee needs to provide accommodation for teams, officials and other official participants. In numbers this means accommodation for approximately 400 persons for two weeks, ” Kimmo Oikarinen, the deputy General Secretary, sums up.

”The accommodation contract plays an important role in big events and it’s crucial to find a partner that one can rely on.”

Helsinki Hospital is a private hospital founded by Finnish experts of surgery. “If these services will be needed, we have a partner to whom to turn to,” Oikarinen says.

More partnership deals will be announced in the near future. In addition to companies, for example the City of Helsinki plays big role in the tournament preparation.

“The co-operation with the host city has started already. The next step is to sit down and discuss details with different offices. For example the city decoration is one thing that can bring the event to another level, if done in a proper way. For this, we will need help from the host city.”


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