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Catch the Game

Catch the Game

Official theme song has a mystic tribe feeling

Published 01.01.2016 15:10 GMT+2 | Author
Catch the Game
Singer Reino Nordin in the video clip of "Catch the Game".
The official theme song of the 2016 IIHF World Junior Championship, Catch the Game, got its name from the slogan of the tournament.

The song is made by a group of talented young Finnish people. The vocals of the song are sung by Gracias and Reino Nordin and PME Records published it. The producers are Aleksi Asiala and Santeri Kauppinen.

“Petteri Hietanen, the manager of the arena entertainment, came up with the idea of making the song in English,” Reino Nordin, the other vocalist says.

“That way the song would interest others than just Finns too,” he adds.

A mystic tribe-feeling can be heard in the song. On the other hand the lyrics are very simple. Together the two artists, Gracias as a rapper and Reino Nordin as a singer, create the atmosphere wanted.

“The song is about that feeling the players have before the game,” Reino Nordin comments the song.

Watch the official video clip by clicking on the picture on the right side.


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